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What is b3 Extension Repair System?

Specially formulated together with today's most influential extension specialists, b3 Extension Repair System is the industry's first system to maximize the life of extensions. From first installation to every move up appointment, this breakthrough system ensures the client's own hair and extensions look seamless and feel healthy while preventing breakage at anchor points and without loosening bonds or adhesives. The end result is extension work that looks flawless between appointments and adds up to an 2 additional months of longevity.

How do I use the b3 Extension Repair System?

We've made it easy to enhance your extension installation services and provide added value for all of your extension clients so that they can enjoy the look and feel of day one extensions for longer.

For the Extension Specialist

b3 Ionic Extension Cleanser: Use to thoroughly prepare extensions for noticeably improved installation/move up.

b3 Ionic Extension Refresh: Use on natural and extension hair after cleansing extensions with b3 Ionic Extension Cleanser to close cuticle layers, blend, detangle and reduce installation and styling time.

We've created easy instructions for using b3 Ionic Extension Cleanser with the most commonly used extension installation methods.

Simply click on the installation method below for instructions:

For the Extension Client: This specially formulated repair system helps extension clients maintain a seamless natural look between appointments while helping to maximize the life of extensions by up to 2 months.

b3 Extension Repair Shampoo: Cleanses and repairs while preventing build up and reinforcing fiber strength. Won't loosen bonds or adhesives.

b3 Extension Repair Conditioner: Multi-active treatment restores + repairs natural and extension hair. Won't loosen bonds or adhesives.

b3 Ionic Extension Refresh: Instantly blends natural + extension hair, eliminates knots/matting and cuts blow dry styling time.

Should I use b3 Ionic Extension Cleanser on new extensions?

Only in cases where the extensions have an excessively heavy coating or residue that is causing the bond or adhesive not to anchor securely would you use Ionic Extension Cleanser.

What if I am performing a color service on extensions?

First you will color or lighten the extensions to the desired level. After rinsing, you will spray b3 Ionic Extension Cleanser onto damp extensions and massage until a rich lather forms and then rinse thoroughly. Lightly towel dry extensions and spray with b3 Ionic Extension Refresh. Comb through from rooted tips to ends and completely dry. Proceed with installation.

If you are performing a fashion color service, you will cleanse with Ionic Cleanser following the instructions above. Once extensions have been completely rinsed and dried, you will apply your direct dye pigment according to manufacturer instructions. Once direct dyes have been rinsed, spray b3 Ionic Extension Refresh onto lightly towel dried extensions, comb through and completely dry. Proceed with installation.

Why do extension clients need to use bb33 Extension Repair Shampoo and b3 Extension Repair Conditioner?

When it comes to maintaining healthy natural-looking extensions, sulfate-free and color-safe care isn't enough. Improper care combined with external factors can cause adhesives/bonds to slip and extension cuticles to lift, creating a line of demarkation between natural hair and wefts as well as matting and damage. b3 Extension Repair Shampoo and b3 Extension Repair Conditioner utilizes a breakthrough bond building technology to prevent breakage at the anchor while prolonging a seamless look between move-up/reinstallation appointments. What's more these, formulas prevent bonds from slipping as natural lipids restore vitality, helping to increase the life of extensions up to 2 months.

What type of extensions can b3 Extension Repair System be used on?

The b3 Extension Repair System is compatible with all manufacturer remy human hair wefts as well as all anchoring techniques including, tape ins, k-tip, sew-in, beaded and clip on.

What should I charge for move up appointments using b3 Extension Repair?

On average, extension specialists are adding $25.00 to move up/reinstallation tickets. Preparing extensions with Ionic Cleanser prior to installation ensures that all product build up, hard water deposits and pollutants are completely removed. You'll see a noticeable improvement in your chosen anchoring method, extension color will look more vibrant and your clients will notice that extensions are more secure and natural looking between move up appointments.

How should I promote the Ionic Extension Refresh to my extension clients?

To ensure every client properly cares for their extensions at home, we recommend bundling cost of b3 Ionic Extension Refresh with the first installation. After prepping extensions with Ionic Extension Cleanser, use a new bottle of Ionic Extension Refresh to seal cuticle, detangle and cut drying time. Hand the bottle to your client at the end of the service and instruct them to use it onto clean damp hair and comb through to help blend extensions + natural hair, eliminate matting, and keep extensions looking healthy and new.

Can the b3 Extension Repair System be used on wigs and clip on extensions? ?

Yes. In fact, b3 Extension Repair System has been shown to help noticeably improve the longevity of human remy hair lace front wigs, halos, clip on bangs, and pony tails while also helping to refresh all shades, colors, tones and fashion colors.


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